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Business Phone Services

Business phone services

Business Phone Number

Don’t mix your personal phone number with your business. Contact us and we’ll activate a super reliable business number. this number will be dedicated and registered to you. You can also specify whether you want a local or toll-free number. Contact us today about our phone service solutions.

Unlimited Numbers

There is absolutely no limit to the number of registered numbers that we can activate for you or your business. Let us know how many you need and pure code will gladly deliver. Our phone service solution is the best!

Special Call Features

When your customers call are you imagining something specific to happen? We can make those ideas into reality. Contact us asap and we’ll work together to put together your requirements.

Extensions & Transfers

Our phone service solutions open an opportunity to deliver in creative ways. You will be able to assign every member of your company their own extension. Calls received can be transferred to any assigned extension by a simple button press.

Business phone services in Louisville are very competitive. therefore, Pure code offers excellent solution to your phone service needs. We can connect a virtual phone number to your cell phone. isn’t that cool!