August 18, 2022 Pure Code

5 Ways Creatives Can Share Their Work With the Right Audience

As a creative person, your path to discovery has to start with self-promotion. You have to find ways to get your work out to the public. Consider these simple ways to promote your work to the right audience and get discovered.



  1. Create a Business Plan

The first step in self-promotion is to approach your objective as if it were a business. Start by creating a formal business plan to improve your chances of success and grow your business more rapidly. Your plan should discuss what you do, how you intend to sell your work or provide services, and what funding you will need to reach your goals. Provide financial projections and discuss how you intend to structure your business. Most small businesses start out as a limited liability company for the benefits it brings.



  1. Learn to Network

Networking is a must for artists who want to get their work out to a broader audience. You can start with something simple, such as reaching out to old friends to find help getting your business up and running. For example, you can use an online search engine to search for fellow high school graduates from Atlanta and the surrounding areas. All you need to do is type in the person’s name, school, and graduation date to get results quickly. Think about taking your work to exhibitions and looking for conferences nearby that service creatives. Cross promotion is a great way to spread your work, and networking will help you reach other creatives to work with.



  1. Be Active Online

Start your online activity with a strong website. You will benefit from hiring a professional web developer from Pure Code who can design a responsive and attractive site. Social media is the best way to reach your target audience and get more eyes on your work. Start by creating a logo or image you can use for all your profiles to create a cohesive brand. Then create your social media strategy. How many times per day and week can you post? How can you make your posts stand out? Research shows that you will be more successful by focusing on engagement rather than trying to increase your follower count.



  1. Learn to Take Criticism

Part of exposing your art to the public is learning to take criticism. Not everyone will like what you create, and that is not your problem. You have to stay true to yourself and reflect on what you want from your work rather than what others say. Some opinions will and should matter to you, but you have to take even those with a grain of salt.



  1. Be a Part of Your Community

If you want to start small and test the waters to see how others react to your work, start with your own community. If you provide something tangible, find a local venue to display your work. For example, a muralist could talk to a local clinic about creating a colorful mural on the office wall or reach out to the local council about bringing art to the brick of the city hall. Start with people you know.



On the path to discovery, remember to be kind to yourself. Stay grounded and never forget why you do what you do. That way you can face critics with a positive attitude and keep pushing forward.

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