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Pure Code is a black-owned web design, SEO, and digital marketing company specializing in web development. We know how to take your business to the next level! In addition to developing user-friendly and unique websites. We also can assist you in promoting your products and services using strategic digital marketing strategies that work. We guarantee an improved digital presence while working with us.

Web Design

Our website designs convert your visitors into clients

If you need a website that can convert and turn website visitors into customers. Pure Code is the company to work with. Not only are we expert web developers. We also understand website visitor behaviors and what works.


Only SEO experts like us can get you found online

When done properly. SEO may transform your website into a machine for generating leads. But how do you determine who to hire for this position? Contact us, and we will give evidence demonstrating why we are highly regarded in this area of specialization.

Digital Marketing

Data-driven digital marketing techniques only

A digital marketing strategy that is conducted carelessly and without thought can result in significant financial loss. Run campaigns with us that will be supported by data. Give us a call and let's begin your digital marketing today!

We can increase your sales and improve your current processes with automations

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Black owned web design company & Digital Marketing Agency

Using strategic and creative digital marketing, we establish meaningful connections between businesses and their ideal customers in order to boost visibility, conversions, and sales. We only use effective and proven digital strategies to improve your business online presence

The percentage of visitors who came to your website but did not browse further. A high bounce rate signals a CRO website issue. Increasing website conversion rate requires lowering bounce rate.

It measures how many individuals who viewed your adverts, organic listing or search results clicked on your site link to convert. You can determine whether or not your CRO marketing plan and keyword performance are on target.

This conversion rate marketing metric refers to the total number of website visitors. By monitoring patterns in your website’s traffic, you can identify critical areas for optimization of your website’s conversion rate.

 CPC represents the cost of acquiring a new lead. The best marketing firms optimize your customer value to increase your conversion rate and decrease your CPC over time.

Black-Owned Web Design Company

If you are looking to find a web design company that is black owned, look no further! We are Professional black web developers and a black owned SEO company. You can reach Pure Code at any time. In our position as the leading black web design company. We place a high priority on enhancing the digital presence of minority owned businesses. Many of the digital services we provide will have an instant impact on your company. A full custom website for your company is within our scope of services. Our services include web development, technical support, web design, SEO, and custom web application development. There is a good reason why we are the best black owned web design and SEO company around! Pure Code is a 100% minority owned company. Also, we are a trustworthy source of expertise for any minority owned business. You can rely on us for everything. We want to help more African-Americans start and run successful businesses!

Why choose us?

As an established black web design company, we understand the type of website that will work best for your business

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Our websites are known for having a look and feel that fascinates visitors

Before diving into the web design process, our experienced web design experts engage to gather info. This is to deeply understand the clients’ objectives and expectations. So we can meet or exceed all of our clients’ expectations and build the perfect website for them. No matter how complex or basic a website is. It’s true that we know how to satisfy our customers’ needs regardless of the situation.

We know that the main goal in every business is to boost revenue. We also understand that every business operates differently. Each unique with specific demands, target audiences, and development requirements. This understanding allows us to deliver effective websites to each client.

First impressions are lasting impressions. Your website is one of the first impressions your potential customer will have of your online business. Therefore, it is worth investing in a professional web design to ensure your first impression converts. Contact us for professional black owned web design firms.

We develop websites that are friendly and look good on every device

We are able to Develop any features that you require for your website

To prevent anything terrible from happening to your website, we thoroughly manage its security and do security patch updates.

The end result will be a user-friendly Design and navigation created with your clients in mind.

Black Web Design & SEO Company

Websites made by our team strike a perfect balance of functionality, beauty, and tangible results. We are the top black owned websites provider and black web developers.

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African American Web Design company

We create websites that will look amazing on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices

Premium Web Design

Creating an effective website requires more than a good appearance. The objective is to satisfy your business needs. and give your users a memorable experience. But also, ensure the code structure will support your future growth. We’ll create something that looks and works beyond expectation. To ensure it’s in sync with your business goals. Therefore, contact us for expert website design & development service.

Private Domain Email Accounts

As you would know, emails are the most popular way of communicating with your customers. And if the email address matches the domain name, it makes your brand look more professional. If you don’t have a business domain email already, we can help you get a domain email address so that you easily send those personalized emails with your brand-approved stamp.

Website Redesign

Consistency is key when it comes to business. Don’t think that a website built ages ago will continue to yield the desired results. Every website at some point needs reanalysis and redesign to keep up with the competition. Pure Code Digital can help you transform your outdated website into one that is very competitive in your field of business. Technology often changes and so do website standards.

Database Solutions

With many customers and employees. an efficient database is necessary. This will save all your data, which you can retrieve whenever required. With our database solutions, you will not have to spend hours rummaging through the large volumes of data. allow us to be your expert black web designer.

Security & Maintenance

Web design is not only about good looks. A good looking website with zero security will not help your business. Therefore, the websites that we build are 100% impenetrable and halt all types of cyber threats. Our maintenance and security services will save you from expensive data breaches.

E-commerce Websites

If selling online is your intention. then you have come to the right place! Designing e-commerce websites is our expertise. We can help you design a very attractive website that will win the trust of your customers. Not only the presentation, but we also ensure the security and structure of your eCommerce website.

Expert Web Design & SEO Company

As one of the top black-owned web design companies. We can help you design an effective conversion-driven website. Equipped with professional features that catch your visitors’ attention. In addition, we provide maintenance and security to our clients. Just to ensure that technical issues are cleared up immediately. So you can focus on what’s important. We understand the importance of a strong online presence for your minority owned business. Especially in today’s world, which relies heavily on digital solutions. This is why we make a strong effort to help you create an impactful and solid digital presence. Contact your reputable minority owned web design & SEO company today!

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We know how to make web design & SEO most effective for your black owned business

Utilize our services to take your business to new heights. We can significantly increase your black owned brand’s conversions, revenues, and engagements. We are one of the best black owned web design companies to work with


As a small business owner, it is very time-consuming to manage digital marketing and work your small business at the same time. It is just too much for a small business owners to handle. Allow us to take care of your web design, search engine optimization, and marketing strategy.

Pure Code is one of the best black-owned web design firms, We work with your brand to develop a solid SEO strategy.

Good website and SEO structure lead to a great user experience. User experience is very important for effective SEO marketing. We will apply proven guideline tactics to your website. Just to ensure that your content is optimized for the best result possible.

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Also, Check out a list of organizations that offer a wealth of resources for Black entrepreneurs. Including funding, education, and robust networking opportunities. Check it out below

African American web designers that can take your business to the next level!

Our minority owned web design & SEO services delivers guaranteed results


Send us an email:

give us a call at (877) 254-2860


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We are here and available for your african american web design needs.


looking for a web designer that is black owned. We are the very best,l web design is our specialty. We will create a very good website for your brand. We love black owned businesses. we offer the best web design services in Louisville ky. You should try our Louisville web design service out. The best black web designer. we are very good designers. We do the best work. therefore, check us out.

you will not be disappointed. We are black web developers with experience.  SEO optimizations are our specialty for clients. We are very effective and great to work with.


Pure code is the top business decision for you. Especially, for improving your minority owned business. Give us a call asap. We have the best black web developers in the industry. Also, we are very experienced with SEO & web design. Pure code digital agency can handle anything presented with ease. We help minority owned businesses. Pure code is your black SEO company.

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Not only are we great black web designers. Also, we are a black owned app development company. We have the ability to develop any app that you need. No matter if it is an Android, IOS or web app. Contact the best black owned app developers today! Let us build the app of your dreams.

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If you are looking for African American owned web design. Look no further. Pure code is here for digital marketing & web design.

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