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Should you hire a professional web designer

Should you hire a professional web designer?

The beginning phases of starting a small business can be very difficult and money-draining. In truth of this, business owners usually cut corners to free up some of these burdens. One of these corner-cutting decisions is to take on the web design duty and attempt to create their own business website. Or alternatively, have a friend create it for them for a very cheap outcome. Typically, by using one of the well-known drag and drop builders is the chosen route. After adding a few images and text then boom..you have a website.


The website is far from perfect, but it shows up when you type the domain into the search bar. It displays relevant information so its a satisfiable outcome. It is true that this by far is the most economic decision. The issue with this method is that the site will more than likely not be appealing along with many other issues. The problem is, A poorly built website could be losing opportunities for your business. It more than likely will cost you more, in the long run, going this route.


Is this web design route worth it?

When building the perfect website, there are specific elements that require attentive alterations to steer towards the direction of success. If you or your friend are professional web designers, you will be good as there is awareness of these elements. If neither of those scenarios is true, A professional web designer should be contacted before the next potential customer visits your business website. As there is a high chance of critical issues with your website that you will not be aware of until you finally decide to consult a professional web designer.  Without coding or technical background, the hired designer will not know what they are doing.


The Final Result

Websites that were not built by professionals are usually put together in a poorly constructed manner.  The websites’ search ranking will be greatly affected and drive business to competitor websites that are presented in a more trustworthy manner. Truth be told, there is a vast technical side in developing websites. If not understood can cause more harm than good. A free drag and drop builder does not explain these principles, nor will they tend to these issues. Unless you are willing to pay top dollar for one of their company developers to fix it for you.


To avoid these issues, it is always good practice to contact web designers to ask questions and get quotes. Take a look at their website and see if their presentation is up to standard for what you would like your presentation to be. A professional web designer will get your website up faster with far less critical issues. Web designers that will fit your vision are not easy to spot upon first look, a little research will be required to find the best fit. Get to know your potential developer to build trust that you are putting your website in the right person/companies hands.


Our solution to you

If you are a business owner that is seeking to improve or create a web presence. Pure Code Digital Agency is a very good option in your search for a solid web designer. We understand good design, solid hosting and we understand the technical aspect of the perfect built website.

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