November 9, 2020 Pure Code

Top 6 Benefits Of Cloud Hosting For Websites

Cloud-based services have taken the business world by storm. It turns out that operating your website on multiple servers instead of just one, which is the case with traditional hosting, offers a range of distinct advantages. 

What are the benefits of cloud hosting for websites, you ask? In this blog, we will find out! Here are six benefits you can get when migrating to the cloud.

1. Scalability and elasticity

The ability to scale the processing power to suit the immediate needs of a website is one of the most touted advantages of utilizing cloud hosting. 

This “elastic capacity” means that the server resources can be better adjusted to meet your business website’s fluctuating demands. 

2. Cost-effective

As a result of the scalability and elasticity of cloud solutions, you can save a lot of money as well.

These savings are extrapolated in several ways. 

Firstly, due to the limited hardware resources, you do not have to pay for infrastructure and hardware you are not using; this works out much cheaper as, in the past, companies had to install hardware just in case spikes occurred. However, using the cloud, it is possible to allow for these spikes without the need for investment.

Money is also saved in other ways. Unlike traditional hosting, where you pay a fixed amount, whether or not you are using the resources, with cloud computing, you pay as you go. Think of cloud computing like your utilities… you pay for only what you use. You can increase or decrease your cloud capacity as your site traffic goes up or down. This flexible pricing is one of the top reasons why cloud computing is the talk of the town. 

3. Ease of implementation

The cloud technology is easy to implement as frequently it can be deployed remotely. Again, as there are no hardware or software costs, the implementation investment is dramatically reduced.

4. Better availability

In cloud hosting, you are leveraging the power of not one but many servers simultaneously. This means that your data always stays online, and there are no shutdowns. 

5. No hardware issues

Traditional servers are vulnerable to several issues, such as hardware failure, system overload, or a malware attack. However, cloud servers are insulated from all of these issues.

6. Reliability

When you migrate to the cloud, your data is stored in multiple copies on different servers, not just one. This means that even if something goes wrong with one server, your data is safe and backed up in another server. 

Well, there you have it! Some ways your business can benefit from cloud computing. Keep in mind, the information above is by no means a comprehensive list of the benefits provided by cloud hosting. However, it has hoped to point out that businesses can utilize this highly flexible and scalable solution to save both time and money.

If you want to leverage the benefits of scalability, flexibility, and affordability with your web hosting, consider migrating to the cloud. Get in touch with Pure Code Digital Agency to make your move to the cloud today! 

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