December 2, 2021 Pure Code

Major App Mistakes to avoid and Improve User Experience

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Creating an app for your small or mid-sized business is a great way to get more exposure and provide customers with what they want — but it’s also a lengthy, sometimes expensive process that requires a lot of planning. Because many business owners want to execute their ideas as soon as possible and get them out into the world, important details are often overlooked that are critical to an app’s success. Taking your time is crucial, as is remaining thoughtful when it comes to the design and execution of the final product. Pure Code Digital Agency shares the four major app mistakes to avoid when you’re creating an app for your business.

Not hiring a professional

Because tech can be expensive to produce, it’s common for smaller businesses to look for ways to save money. However, when it comes to designing your app, you’ll want to go with an experienced app designer who can streamline the interface and ensure it will work across various platforms. The right designer will be able to execute your vision with creativity while ensuring it meets the needs of your customers and is easy to use. Freelancers are a great way to go because you can find someone who meets your cost needs. Check out job boards to look for freelance app development companies, compare pricing, look at reviews from other clients to get a sense of what it’s like to work with them.

Failing to perform research

When it comes to business tech, it’s essential to perform careful research that will help you make decisions throughout the building and design process. Failing to test your product with users is a major mistake that could prove costly, so think of how you can offer a simple beta version to a smaller group of people who can give you their thoughts. Not only will they provide valuable insight into the features of your app, they can help you avoid spending time and money on features that aren’t necessary.

Not being realistic

Doing research will help you figure out the details that will keep your app streamlined and easy to navigate, but it will also help in making sure there’s a need for the app in the current market. Many small businesses utilize mobile apps as a way to connect with customers across the country and build their brand, but it has to offer something specific in order to engage users. Easy and secure payment options, for instance, are a wonderful feature for business apps, but they should be offered in a way that reduces clicks and keeps your customer coming back.

Neglecting a plan for marketing

Once your app is completed and includes everything your customers need, what’s the next step? One common mistake made during the development of an app is too much focus on the process and not enough on the end result. How will you market your app so that people who have never heard of your business can find it? Create a plan that utilizes social media, blog posts, and reviewers who will rate the app online. Pitch your product to tech sites for reviews, as well, and get your app in front of a larger group. Create engaging ads for social media to draw users in, targeting your preferred market to ensure downloads. Make sure you have a marketing budget in the beginning, as the cost of advertising can add up quickly.


Building an app for your business is a great way to have more engagement with customers, especially during the uncertain times that Covid-19 has created. The process is pretty involved, but with some solid planning and research, you can ensure a successful product that helps grow your business. Thanks for tuning in on major app mistakes to avoid.

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