professional web designer
Should you hire a professional web designer? The beginning phases of starting a small business can be very difficult and money-draining. In truth of this, business owners usually cut corners to free up some of these burdens. One of these corner-cutting decisions is to take on the web design duty and attempt to create their […]
8 forms of a cyber attack
TWhat is a cyber attack? The reality of this scary digital world is that at any moment your website can become victim to a cyber attack. Hacking refers to malicious activities that aim to compromise important digital devices, such as websites, ┬ácomputers, smartphones, tablets, and even entire networks. Hacks are motives of financial gain, protests, […]
the difference between a web designer and a web developer? Can you have both?
Are they the same? Searching for someone to complete your website is not a simple task. To receive the desired results, it is important to research potential developers for limitations. There are a few terms that primarily are key to identifying the qualified individual. The terms used are a “web designer” or a “web developer”. […]


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