July 14, 2022 Pure Code

Why Not Create Your Business as a Team?

Combining two people’s skills, strengths, and experiences in a work environment can not only provide some serious synergy but also help to create a better work-life balance. There are many successful companies that have been started by two people: Ben and Jerry’s, Spanx, and Southwest Airlines.


Things to Decide Early On

The first thing you’re going to need is an idea for your company. Ask yourselves questions like, “What do we want our company’s mission to be? What are our values?” These questions will answer themselves if you just think about them long enough and really ask yourselves what’s important to you as a couple. Once these questions are answered, it’ll be easier for the two of you to come up with new ideas or ways that you could improve on what’s already been done by others.

Know your partner’s strengths and weaknesses before you start brainstorming ideas. Decide what roles each of you will take on in the company and which one of you is the CEO. Discuss legal options like signing a contract or creating a partnership agreement to protect yourself from any unforeseen issues in the future.


Businesses That Work Well as a Team

If the two of you love cooking together at home or creating new dishes and trying them out on each other, then a catering business could be the perfect venture for you. A coffee shop is another winner for those who enjoy the culinary life since most coffee shops also offer baked goods. To expand on that, think out of the box by investing in a food truck.

If you and your significant other love to travel, you might want to consider opening a travel agency. If one of you is better at researching ticket prices and negotiating deals while the other is more a people person finding unique ways to market your business, it could be fun and rewarding.

Real estate can be the perfect couple’s business since it’s an often hectic profession where sometimes there just needs to be two of you with two different clients at the same time. Doubling the effort can mean doubling the income. In order for one or both of you to become a real estate agent, you’ll need to complete steps such as taking a pre-licensing class, taking a state exam, and potentially obtaining MLS and Realtor memberships.


A Few Business Tips to Consider

Deciding on a name for your business can be fun to brainstorm together. Make sure your name is memorable and easy to pronounce, it’s important to be mindful of the way that people will speak it. Don’t make your name too long or too complicated, and think about what you want your company to represent before choosing a name.

Your web presence is too important to try to do yourself. There are too many moving parts if you’re not already a skilled web designer. When choosing a company to go with, see how many needs they can fulfill for you. You’ll need more than just a website, though that is critical. Make sure they know how to help you market your site as well and offer ways to increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Be Prepared for Some Rough Patches

Owning and managing your own business can be stressful even when it’s only you that you need to worry about. But when you combine that with the stress of trying to do it as a team, there will inevitably be some tough hurdles. Too many couples throw in the towel too early when those happen and that’s a shame since working it out with a professional can mean saving the business and the relationship.

You can access individual and couple’s mental health services virtually. Online therapy is convenient, secure, private, and less of a commitment than in-person therapy. When you choose to see an online therapist, you’ll have a wider variety of licensed professionals to choose from, save time on travel, and pay less for mental health care. Many therapists also offer a complimentary consultation to ensure you find the right match. If you’re exploring the cost of therapy, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how affordable it can be.

The benefits of starting a business with your significant other include a higher chance for success, being able to bring in income for the household, and a shared interest. It can actually be the greatest adventure of your life!

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