March 6, 2020 Pure Code

A web designer or web developer? Are they the same?

Are they the same?

Searching for someone to complete your website is not a simple task. To receive the desired results, it is important to research potential developers for limitations. There are a few terms that primarily are key to identifying the qualified individual. The terms used are a “web designer” or a “web developer”. Both of these terms seem to be similar, however, they are 2 entirely different paths of expertise in the world of technology. Designers design and developers code is the best way to view these two paths.


What is a web designer?

It’s best to view a web designer as a highly creative person that knows how to put an attractive style in layouts. A highly skilled web designer will use high-quality image editors and strategic color codes to bring beautiful interfaces together on a website. They are more worried about the actual visual of the website instead of the functionality. Web designers usually have very little knowledge of backend components. This means that a website built specifically on design concepts can possibly have critical backend errors leaving a site vulnerable to attacks. It is always good for a designer to have a developer check for these issues.


What is a web developer?

A web developer builds applications and website functionality. They use a language such as HTML, PHP, or javascript and add real actions to the website. The web developer is responsible for creating the database and writing queries to connect the database to real information collected from a website. However, a web developer usually lacks in the creative category and codes by logic and methodical thinking only. A website built by a web developer will usually lack a creative style but is built with no flaws.


Which should you work with?

In summary, to everything previously mentioned, a web designer is a good designer and a web developer is a good programmer. To pick which one to work with greatly depends on the outcome you desire. If you are in need of design services a web designer can usually deliver desired results. If you’re in need of a solid specific function, A web developer is the best choice. For the best of both worlds, a professional web design company¬†will have the tools to deliver.

Be sure to do your research to make sure they are a good fit for your vision. If the need for stylish design accompanied by solid code is your need. Pure Code Digital Agency can deliver stylish projects that are also built by solid code. We are an agency that is not bound by either of these issues. We deliver a complete balance with no compromising of quality.

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