November 10, 2020 Pure Code

 What is a web application?


Web applications are computer programs that are accessible from any device that you can access a website on, to get data to and from your database from the internet. Also commonly referred to as a web app. Web applications are also flexible and customizable to fit your business needs. These customizations are much less expensive than they would be on desktop applications and are easy to scale as your business grows.


Web App Benefits

·       Remember, a web app is accessed through the web. This means that you won’t have to be stationary to a desk and computer to work on what you need! Web Applications can be accessed 24/7 when you have access to the internet.


·       Efficiency is another key benefit that we’d like to mention when utilizing a web app. Imagine your workspace filled with less paperwork. Less paperwork also means that you’re less vulnerable to simple human errors, that could be a big deal later on down the line.



·       You’ll be able to work smarter, not harder. Your business will be streamlined using a custom Web App. You will be able to complete more work, with more accuracy (less human error).


·       Say goodbye to desktop updates wile using a developed web app! Let’s be honest, how often do we or our staff ignore the update notifications that appear on our workstations? Pretty normal, right? Avoiding updates can leave your business vulnerable to security breaches. Web applications change all of that, with security functionalities that will come out with every version of the application. In addition, there will be zero downtime. All users will be able to instantly access the latest version of the app.


·       Improved security is a instant advantage with a web app. What happens when your desktop software is stolen or damaged? Your data is left at risk. New devices have to be purchased and/or reinstalled. Web-based applications can be stored on a cloud and will allow you to be back to business as usual in no time.


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